Holland Moor Extended Services

Windmill Club Guidelines

Play Leader: Susan Hardman

Directors: M Beale, L Hickson & N Holland

School Tel: 01695 725062    Club Direct Tel: 0759 161 8165

Registration Number: EY382110

Windmill Club is a non-profit making limited company, which is managed by a board of directors, a Playleader and a team of Play workers at Holland Moor Primary School.

Daily sessions run from 3:00–5:45 pm (term-time only) there are a maximum of 56 places available, each costing £8.00 per child.

In order to plan your child’s safe and responsible care all children need to be registered before they are able to attend Windmill Club.
A Registration Form must be completed for each child.

Windmill Club operates a booking system based on a first come first served basis. Bookings can be made in person, in writing or over the telephone with a member of Holland Moor Primary School office staff.

Bookings are taken on an ad-hoc basis and as long as a Registration Form has been completed in advance, then any child may attend, so long as there are places.

Windmill Club is open to all children attending Holland Moor Primary School who are aged between 3-11 years.


All children registered for a place at Windmill Club each night, will be charged fees for each session booked, regardless of attendance.

This is with the exception of cancelled places due to sickness, where fees will only be charged if school is not notified of child’s absence with reason by 12 noon of day booked.

Cancellations are to be made at the school office either in person, in writing or by telephone, and must be received before 12 noon prior to the start of the session. This will ensure that Windmill Club staff will not spend unnecessary time searching for supposed missing children.

To cancel your child’s place you are required to give notice of at least a week. As fees are due and paid at the start of each week, you will not be refunded for any part week attended.


An after school snack is provided during each session as we all know how hungry children are after a busy day in the classroom.


Windmill Club offers a range of stimulating activities, games and entertainment, or just the chance to relax and unwind.

Art and craft activities are always on offer and we have access to plenty of outside space for letting off steam.

Collecting Children
Children may only be collected from Windmill Club by persons named on their Registration Form.
If a different person is to collect your child then you must telephone the school office and make contact with the Playleader or deputy and inform them of your arrangements.
Children may be collected from Windmill Club at any time during the session.
Once the collecting adult has signed the register, then Windmill Club is no longer responsible for your Child.

*Please be aware of our uncollected child policy.


Windmill Club recognises that both staff and children are vulnerable to infections and therefore ask Parents/Carers to refrain from bringing their children to the club when they are feeling unwell.

Windmill Club reserves the right to refuse entry to any child or family who, in the opinion of the manager or deputy, are not well enough to attend a session or pose a risk of infection to other children.

First Aid

At Windmill Club numerous first aiders are always on the premises when children are present.

All Parents on Registration will be asked to give their consent for their child to receive first aid or emergency medical attention.

Windmill Club respects Parent’s wishes in respect of the emergency care given to their children.

If you would like more information please contact the school office.