Staff and Governors


Mr M Beale B.Ed.(Hons)

Teaching Staff

Mrs S Ball – SENCo, Maths KS1
Mr T Barrett – Science
Mrs S Burnett – Art & Design
Mrs V Byrne – Teaching Assistants
Miss E Carradice – KS1 Leader, English KS1
Mr B Cooke – Geography
Miss L Cruse – ECT
Mrs L Dougherty – English KS2A
Mr B Eaton – ECT
Mrs L Hickson – Nursery Leader
Mrs L Knowles – Reception Literacy
Mrs K MacDonald – Curriculum Leader
Mr B Maddocks – R.E.

Miss N McFord – Design and Technology
Miss D Oldfield – Nursery, EAL
Mrs J Postlethwaite – Reception Leader
Miss A Ramsey – PSHE
Miss J Ryan – Music
Mrs H Sanchez –
Mr L Sanders – Maths KS2B, Assessment
Mrs J Sebastian – Reception Leader
Mrs L Taylor – KS2B Leader, KS2B English
Mrs V Taylor – Catch Up
Mrs L Trussell – Maths KS2A, English KS2A, KS2A Leader

Class teachers are responsible for the delivery of the curriculum. Work is planned jointly, in Year Teams, with close liaison, communication and support from our teaching assistant team. During planning, Year Teams share the preparation of work, drawing on different experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure work is relevant and well matched to meet the needs of the children. In this way, we are able to utilise the strengths of a large staff team and enhance the quality of learning and teaching here at Holland Moor.

Inclusion Manager

Mrs N Holland

Sports Team

Mr A Edwards
Mr T Gibbings

Teaching Assistants

Mrs W Arnold
Mrs N Ashworth
Mr J Beale
Mrs D Blaney
Miss D Carson
Mrs D Causer
Mrs L Childs
Mrs D Crawford
Mrs S Crompton
Mrs J Doran
Mrs K Faithfull
Mrs A Fletcher
Mrs C Gallagher
Mrs L Gannon
Mrs J Gaskell
Mrs D Gregory
Mrs J Hallam
Mrs C Hamer
Mrs S Hardman

Ms H Hodge
Mrs M Holloway
Miss E Johnson
Mrs J Johnson
Miss R McDonald
Miss C McEvoy
Miss D Mcloughlin
Mrs J Murray
Mr T O’Brien
Mrs J Parkinson
Mrs L Peters
Miss P Riley
Mrs S Rimmer
Mrs J Roberts
Mrs M Sephton
Ms T Sumner
Mrs E Turner
Miss L Vaughan
Miss T Watson
Mrs K Wood

2 Year Old Provision Staff

Mrs D Blaney
Mrs L Hickson
Mrs L Burrows
Mrs E French
Ms L Ore

Office Staff

Ms H Blundell
Miss C Dowdle
Mrs K Gorman
Mrs A Parry

Site Manager

Mr P Causer


Mr  P Causer
Mrs L Johnson
Mrs D McCarten
Mrs A Parry
Ms N Shuttleworth
Ms M Walton

Kitchen Staff

Ms C Butler
Ms K Clegg
Mrs S Greer
Mrs D McCarten
Mrs T Nolan-Edwards
Mrs S Thomas

Breakfast Club

Mr J Beale
Mr A Edwards
Mrs J Gaskell
Mrs C Hamer
Mrs M Holloway
Miss R McDonald
Miss T Sumner


Mr M Beale, Headteacher
Mrs R Abrahams
Mrs K Beeley
Miss E Carradice
Mrs J Carroll
Mrs K Corcoran
Mrs H Hesketh

Mrs N Holland
Mr M Howells
Mr G McLean
Mrs B Trainor (Chairperson)

What does a Governor do?

The purpose of a governing body is to help provide the best possible education for pupils. Governors meet regularly with the Headteacher and staff to decide the school’s aims and policies, and to oversee the efficient running of the school.

The governors work in partnership with the school and local authority and have particular responsibility for:

  • Setting aims and planning for the future of the school
  • Agreeing targets to raise standards of achievement
  • Ensuring that the curriculum meets the needs of all pupils
  • Monitoring the school budget
  • Staffing issues, including appointing the Headteacher and other staff, and determining salaries
  • Deciding the school’s policies
  • Making sure all pupils have equal opportunities within the school and providing for pupils with special educational needs
  • Ensuring the school site is well maintained, safe and secure
  • Dealing with complaints about the school

Governor Declaration of Interests and Committees

Governors Overall Organisation

Governors Register