Sex Education

At Holland Moor ‘Sex Education’, as defined in the 1986 and 1993 Education Acts, is not thought of nor treated as a discrete curriculum subject.

The exploration of all personal and social issues is approached within a caring and supportive classroom structure, with the full knowledge of parents and within a broader curriculum study of health related topics.

Holland Moor has carefully planned and structured curriculum of Health Education in which the children learn about growth and development in a gradual way. This is followed later by a more direct teaching programme which is introduced in the Upper Junior years.

Parents are invited to view the materials at home or at school for a full discussion of their content. All parents are informed of the school policy in the school booklet and copies of this statement and all teaching materials, including a video used in the teaching programme, are held in the school for direct consultation.

We make extensive use of the Health for Life project planned by the Health Education Authority.