School Uniform

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At Holland Moor we offer a wide variety of uniform items. Whilst we encourage children to wear the basic uniform it is not compulsory.

We offer
A nursery cardigan
A nursery sweatshirt
A nursery polo shirt
A school P.E. kit
A school cardigan
A school sweatshirt
A school polo shirt
A school book bag
A school PE bag
A school satchel

All the above items are embroidered with our school badge and can be ordered directly from the school.

Some parents / carers send their children to school in more generic items, often in school colours but without the school logo. This is perfectly acceptable.

Whilst a Holland Moor P.E. kit is available for purchase, plain shorts and a plain T shirt are equally appropriate for gymnastics, dance or games lessons. A warm top is also advised for outside games and orienteering.

Why our logo is a Windmill

Our school logo originates from this Windmill.

Holland Windmill, Up holland, Lancashire

An unusual cylindrical tower mill built in the 1750s on the ridge overlooking Skelmersdale new town. It had eight sails and may have been the first windmill ever equipped with a fantail to turn the sails into the wind automatically. It was re-equipped a number of times before finally becoming derelict in the 1890s.

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