Reception SP

In RSP our class teachers are Mrs Sebastian on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Postlethwaite on Thursday and Friday. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Hallam, Miss McEvoy and Miss Johnson to help with learning. In our class the children work hard and always try their best. They love reading and listening to stories, and we are always keen to try new things.

At the beginning of the day each child takes part in early morning activities that help to develop skills such as cutting, fine motor, writing, reading and maths. We then complete the register and the lunches list together before taking part in activities such as wake up and shake up, mindfulness or mini-yoga. After this the class has a carpet session. We do Literacy and Maths carpet sessions and lots of work on phonics. After the carpet session a small group of children will take part in a focussed activity with an adult and the other children will be accessing the areas of provision inside and outside the classroom. Our class does Phonics every day and we all go to dinner at 11.30am. In the afternoon the children come back from lunch at 12.30pm and everyone takes part in another carpet session which is different to the one in the morning. A different group of children will then take part in a focussed activity whilst the other children are accessing the areas of provision. We then have ‘Snack Time is Chat Time’ at 2.30pm before reading a story or singing some songs before we go home. The children certainly enjoy all the learning they take part in. Mr Beale says, ‘Class RSP are a very settled group. They come into the classroom beautifully and engage with their tasks straightaway. They always know just what is expected of them’.

The photographs below show some of the invigorating activities they’ve been working on together.