Reception RK

In class RK our teacher is Mrs Knowles and the teaching assistants are Mrs Childs, Mrs Hardman, and Miss Watson. In our class, we have a calm, safe and enriching environment where we are free to be ourselves and learn through play.

Reading is a big part of our class time and we have a cosy reading area to snuggle down and enjoy a familiar book. Each week we have a new book to read and we use puppets to help us re-tell stories. Outside can be lots of fun for us too and it is a great for helping our personal development and increasing our skills in so many ways.

Our outdoor classroom can help us learn in the fresh air as well as being incredibly stimulating. The adults plan and carry out exciting activities, which build on our inquisitiveness and helps us learn through play.

We work very hard at our phonics and reading skills and ensure we use all the sounds learned. Once we have secured this knowledge, we are very good at using it in our writing too. We are working towards writing long and interesting sentences.

We are very fast when we are reciting the counting numbers from zero to twenty and even beyond. We can add numbers and already recognise many shapes. In reception we work had to subitise numbers up to ten, and use and develop our special mathematical vocabulary along the way. We are all individuals in our class and celebrate our differences. In our class we are building up a sense of who we are, how we belong and what makes us special.

Holland Moor Primary School - Lancashire
Our Chinese Celebrations

In class, we learnt about how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year. They celebrate for 15 days. We found out that it’s the year of the ‘rat’.  Most employees have 7-12 days off work, and students have one month winter vacation. The 2020 Chinese New Year holiday is from January 24th to 30th.

Fireworks are an central part of the celebration to liven up the air of Spring Festival. All families set off fireworks to celebrate the festival. The biggest firework show is on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

Houses are decorated with red Spring Festival couplets, red lanterns, and red paper cuttings; city streets are lit up by red lanterns; and numerous people are dressed in red. This is because red in Chinese culture is the symbol of happiness, wealth and prosperity, and can ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

We made lanterns, ate Chinese food, and made our own Chinese restaurant.

Our Reception Class children are writing – using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

We’ve been enjoying massage in the classroom, following a routine and relaxing music playing in the background. Ask your child for a massage, they’re becoming experts!

All ‘Massage In Schools Programme’ activities are performed between children, they give and receive a massage one to another, and all activities are carried out over clothes, with children asking permission. The programme can be implemented in schools, as well as at home within families. They also carry out ‘Yoga’, ‘Mindfullness’ and ‘Brain Gym’ routines. Watch out for these!