Reception RB

Our class is called Class RB and our class teacher is Mrs Ball. We are lucky enough to also have Mrs Hallam, Miss Johnson and Mrs Faithful to help and support us with our learning. We love to learn and we work hard and try our best at everything we do. We love listening to stories and we enjoy spending time together to play, solve problems and help each other. We come to school excited and ready to learn new things.
Our day starts with early morning activities which help us to develop different skills, like cutting, fine motor, writing, reading and maths. We then gather on the carpet for the register and to hear the ‘Big Picture of the Day’. We get so excited and love knowing what the day entails. After this, we take part in a whole class phonics session where all children and adults learn a new sound together. We love acting out the different letter formations and we are great at practising our letters in our phonics books. Next, we take part in focused activities alongside the other children in our group. Our group names are Owls, Squirrels and Hedgehogs. At this time we work in a small group, with an adult and explore one of the seven areas of learning. We love that each activity is so different and exciting, this sparks lots of discussion between our friends.
We go for our dinner at 11:30am as we venture over to the school hall. We sit together, with our adults, to eat our packed lunches or school dinners. This is a lovely time for us to chat about our day and to talk about our interests. Once our tummies are happy we head outside to play with our friends and mix with the other reception class. The playground is always set with a wide range of toys and activities for us to play with and engage in. Our teaching assistants join us and are great at initiating play, helping us to learn to play, share and listen to each other.
Each afternoon we come together on the carpet to do the register and to calm our minds with a yoga or mindful session. Mrs Faithful loves teaching us new yoga moves. Next we read our focused story for the week and talk about the characters and plot. Then, we carry out continuous provision activities in our animal groups, linking our skills to the story. Each day one group goes outside to develop their physical development whilst the others indulge in a creative task indoors. We swap around to make sure that we each get to do all of the activities – we are great at listening and following instructions.
Later on, we sit for a refreshing drink and a piece of fruit or vegetable. This is the perfect time for us to chat to our group and to spend some quality time with our Key Worker. After a busy day, we like to finish with a story before chatting about our three favourite things of the day. Our adults arrive from 2:45pm. We love greeting them with pieces of work we have made throughout the day and we leave thinking about the exciting things we have done that day.
The photographs below show some of the invigorating and wonderful activities that we have been doing together.