Nursery 2 Mrs Hickson & Mrs Byrne

The children in Nursery 2 love their classroom. We are located alongside our purpose built 2yo nursery provision, which makes for the smoothest of transitions for our very youngest learners as they turn 3 years old.

Mrs Hickson and Mrs Byrne are the class teachers and the teaching assistants are Mrs Causer, Mrs Peters and Mrs Gannon. All the adults in our nursery provision are experienced practitioners and the team works closely with parents and carers making adaptations to provision to meet the needs of all our young learners.

Our nursery environment is well established, safe and stimulating, ensuring your child’s time in nursery is full of fun, friendship and endless learning possibilities. The environment allows the children to make their own learning choices and take risks whilst being supported and nurtured by staff.

Our outdoor environment is something quite special and ever evolving, it would capture anyone’s imagination. The children have lots of space and the freedom to explore in our bright and colourful grounds and develop their confidence and competence progressing through the challenges associated with each of our three climbing frames. We also have an outdoor learning area enabling the children to continue to explore outdoors on our colder, wetter, windier days too. (We all know we get a lot of those!)

The care and education provided here at Holland Moor nursery really does ensure that your child is ready for school in the September after they turn 4 years old. All children begin to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born and recognising this we help parents ensure that necessary ‘Health Visitors’ 2Yo Checks have been completed and any findings/suggestions are followed up thoroughly.

We recognise that all children develop and learn at different rates. We carry out checkpoint assessments monitoring your child’s progress and communicate these with parents termly. These assessments inform provision and activities provided to the children ensuring that at all times they are appropriate for the age and stage of development and that all needs are being met.

For any nursery children identified as requiring any additional support, systems are in place and supported by the school SENCO and Inclusion manager. This ensures that progression along the pathway is smooth; working with a range of agencies, completing assessments and writing reports as required.

“At Holland Moor nursery you really are supported all the way through your child’s learning journey, whether it be applying for; ‘Reception Class place’, ‘Free School Meals’, ‘30 hours funding code’, supporting ‘DLA’ claims, ‘Inclusion Funding’ or applying for an ‘EHCP’. The team really do go the extra mile for you and your child, nothing is too much trouble.”

Our experienced teachers and early years practitioners build on each child’s interests, natural curiosity and love of learning new things. We build in Keyworker time each week enabling every child to spend time developing their communication and social skills in smaller group situations. Throughout the year your child’s Keyworker will ask you to share proud moments from home with us so we can add these into your child’s ‘Record of Achievement’ and these can also stimulate further discussions in class. Your child’s Keyworker will also carry out ‘special wow’ activities with your child each term and share your child’s engagement in these with you at the end of the session.

Our nursery is a ‘bucket filling’ environment in which ‘friendship’ and ‘thoughtfulness’ is at the heart. We nurture the children’s self-esteem and encourage a ‘can do’ attitude in everything we do. Our learning power friends help us develop our skills of; ‘concentration’-Emily Elephant, ‘cooperation’-Sadie Squirrel, ‘curiosity’-Kelly Kola, ‘resilience’-Albert Armadillo and ‘self-improvement’-The Monkeys.

“We do our best, that’s what we do and everyone is proud of you!”

The children are always encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts and experiences with others. Speech and language development is a challenge for many of our youngest learners and the nursery team work tirelessly using ‘WellComm’-speech and language toolkit, to identify personalised areas for development. Target areas are shared with parents and carers where necessary and then together our interactions are guided; ‘nursery’ and ‘home’ work in tandem to secure the progress of your child.

Our ‘colour monsters’ help our children understand and be able to communicate their own emotions. These are firmly imbedded at the start of the nursery year and revisited regularly. When children become emotional there is always a reason and especially for those with communication difficulties the monsters help all children to share visually whether they are; Upset – ‘sad’ or ‘angry’ or ‘scared’ etc.

The photographs below show some of the most recent memorable moments