Welcome to Nursery 1 – (Two Year Olds)
A great place to be 2!

Children make a great start to school life in the two-year-old nursery. They are taught by Mrs Blaney, Mrs Hickson, Mrs French and Miss Downing.

We understand that starting nursery is a milestone not only for the child but for parents/carers too. Our keyworker approach ensures children and parents/carers build positive relationships enabling us to work in partnership to give your child the best start in education.

At nursery, we have many different areas for the children to explore in such as, a home corner, a construction area, a mark making space, a reading corner a small world zone, and a sand region along with our outdoor area that is easily accessible.  This encourages children’s self-choice, independence and for them to embrace their individual interests, like and dislikes.  Staff help children to learn sharing skills, turn taking and how to play together.

Messy play is provided every day, this includes, painting, playdough, foam, rice, spaghetti, ice and gloop play and many activities that are even more exciting. Messy play is vital in early years it supports cognitive development, fosters maths skills, encourages social development, creates a sense of responsibility, improves fine motor skills, promotes creativity and nurtures language skills.

There are always many exciting, stimulating and fun activities planned for the class to help children progress and achieve their full potential.