KS1 English
At Holland Moor, our English lessons are planned to ensure that every child has opportunities to take part in, reading, writing and speaking and listening and activities.  The teaching of handwriting in our English and Phonic lessons is also a very important aspect of learning.

Phonics is a big part of English in KS1.  Every day children take part in a phonics lesson.  We follow the scheme ‘Letters and Sounds’ in which the children are taught the 44 phonemes (and the alternative representation) in a fun and interactive way.

We use www.phonicsplay.co.uk to enhance their learning.

Children are encouraged to read a wide variety of texts during lessons and early morning activities.  Each child has a reading book from the scheme ‘Oxford Reading Tree’.  These books fit perfectly with the phonics phase that the children are working in, making them fun and also help the children to gain confidence when reading aloud.

KS2A English
At Holland Moor we believe that the careful teaching of handwriting, spelling and punctuation are of paramount importance. We believe that children should enjoy and be engaged in their classroom activities. We actively encourage our pupils to express their ideas creatively.

Learning in English lessons is organised to ensure that each child undertakes regular activities in reading, speaking and listening, writing and handwriting as well as developing spelling and comprehension skills.

Reading books are monitored to ensure children get the most out of their reading experiences and individual reading programmes are designed for each pupil. We offer a range of titles and genres within each class, keen to promote and nurture an enthusiasm towards reading and scholarship.

Our children are offered regular opportunities to share their opinions and speak in class. We aim to allow our children to become confident speakers using a broad vocabulary.

KS2B English
Learning in English is organised into 3 separate lessons: Writing, Comprehension and SPAG.

During our writing lessons, children have the opportunity to explore a range of novels followed by undertaking writing activities based on these novels. Lessons are planned to excite, enthuse and encourage the children.

Comprehension lessons ensure children are taught the key skills needed to become successful readers and writers.

SPAG lessons build and extend on children’s previous learning. The children’s learning in SPAG lessons form a direct link to their writing.

Children at Holland Moor are encouraged to use the skills they have learnt in their English lessons across all other areas of the curriculum.

Children have two reading lessons each day where they access a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. They participate in personal reading, guided reading and group reading activities.