Class 6M

Welcome to Class 6M. Our class teacher is Miss Mcford who works very hard to ensure a safe and welcoming learning environment where we all feel secure, valued and respected. We know this reflects the school’s ethos and values and it encourages us all to become resilient and independent learners. Miss McFord is very keen to ensure that we make life-long memories during our final year at Holland Moor! In our class, we are encouraged to be kind, respectful and hardworking as well as striving to be the best versions of ourselves.
This year, we will be offered many exciting opportunities such as swimming and fun-packed outdoor experiences. In the classroom, we are excited to begin our Ancient Greek unit in History, Natural Disasters unit in Geography and our Evolution and Inheritance unit in Science (just to list a few)! Miss McFord tells us how impressed she already is with our speed and accuracy in mathematics lessons and how brilliant our writing is as we begin to include some complex and ambitious grammar focuses and vocabulary.
In class, we are encouraged to be curious and are continuously challenged to work to our full potential. Our lessons are knowledge-rich and we follow an innovative curriculum which excites and engages each of us. Our teacher supports our social, emotional and academic development and she is proud to watch each of us grow and achieve our very best. We remain excited for each of the new learning experiences and adventures ahead of us this year!