Class 6S

Welcome to Class 6S. We know that our teacher Mr Sanders and our teaching assistant Mrs Rimmer strive to provide a stimulating and safe atmosphere for us in our classroom.  This allows us to build resilience and make progress in all curriculum subjects. Although we don’t mention the exam and test words too often we know we are given many educational opportunities which will help us to prepare for their end of year SATs tests and our transition to secondary school.

Our Writing lessons are based on carefully selected novels which engage and inspire us to create thoughtful and creative narratives. We can often be overheard enthusiastically discussing the novels and our accompanying work during break and lunch times. In our Mathematics sessions, we are taught a variety of strategies and given numerous opportunities to select and use the most efficient method to solve a problem. Once we master a skill, we are then able to use these skills in a practical way.

As part of our experiences in Year 6, we will also have the opportunity to spend a week at Shropshire’s PGL outdoor adventure experience. While on this trip, we will take part in a range of outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, climbing and many more. Mr Sanders tells us that children who choose to go on this trip always come back more confident and mature than when they left.

Mr Beale says that we make a great year six class and that he is expecting superb end-of-year results from us next Summer.

The photographs below show some of the invigorating activities they’ve been working on together.

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