Class 5R

Hello and welcome to the class page for 5R. Miss Ramsey is our class teacher, and Mr Beale and Mrs Gallagher are our teaching assistants. In our class we love to explore and learn together.  We encourage curiosity, asking questions and we always tackle problems with a ‘can do attitude’. We work with a growth mind set, believing in our abilities and trying to achieve our goals.

Miss Ramsey’s favourite subject to teach is writing, as she loves hearing our ideas, exploring these ideas and seeing the progression in our writing style as the year progresses. Miss Ramsey makes sure we write accurately and has taught us so many different ways to start a sentence. She says our grammar and punctuation are excellent. We love using the chrome books in our class and our computing skills have improved so much recently as we have a full class set to use and don’t have to share any hardware. Our coding abilities are now the best they’ve ever been. We also enjoy using the class set of glockenspiels every Thursday in our music lessons. We use them to both accompany our singing and to participate in the class orchestra. Our class motto is ‘let others learn’ and we embed this within our class ethos by being quiet in class, concentrating on our own work and listening to others.

Mr Beale says, ‘Class 5R are a very friendly class. I like to watch the way the work together so well. They really respect each other and value all contributions in every lesson.’

The photographs below show some of the invigorating activities they’ve been working on together.