Class 5R

Our class teacher is Miss Ramsey and our teaching assistant is Mrs Gallagher. In 5R we love to learn, ask questions and explore topics together.
Our class motto is, try your best, never give up and encourage others. This motto helps us to be the best learners we can. In our class, we don’t mind when we make mistakes because we know that mistakes help us learn. Recently we learnt about Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time who said that he has missed over 9000 baskets in his career! This has shown us that it is OK not to always be perfect, but to keep trying, working hard and never giving up.

Miss Ramsey loves to teach writing, as she loves hearing our ideas and watching as our writing progresses over the year. This year we are learning about different ways to start sentences and we know this makes our writing sound the best it can be. In maths, we are learning many new things, like adding fractions with different denominators, and how to draw angles. Miss Ramsey helps us break down this learning into chunks, which makes it easy and fun to learn – Mrs Gallagher is always there to help us too.

Each day we write in our ‘Three Good Things’ book. So far this year we have said,
‘Archie loved learning about the heart and circulatory system in science, especially the demonstration about how blood pumps through the heart.’

‘Casey liked the team work challenge where we had to stack cups using our hands.’

‘Sophia enjoyed listening to Miss Ramsey read Percy Jackson.’

We hope you enjoyed reading about our class!