Class 5E

Hello and welcome to everyone from Class 5E – our class teacher is Mr Eaton and our teaching assistant is Mrs Arnold.

Children in Class 5E are instilled with a passion for learning through creative, inspiring and engaging lessons, which follow a knowledge-rich curriculum. Every individual attains great progress as personalised targets allow children to take ownership of their learning; children are proud of their efforts and become enthused to push themselves further. A robust growth-mindset embeds resilience within all members of our class, providing us with the tools to respond to challenges in the excellent manner we do.

Kindness and respect are at the foundation of our class values, which every member of the class consistently upholds. The children in Class 5E have created a warm, caring and supportive learning environment where we understand the importance of helping each other achieve our best, whether that be through wonderful, paired work activities, or by keeping focused to make sure no one is distracted. This ethos is immediately felt when stepping through the door and watching these interactions on a daily basis is a real pleasure.

Class 5E pupils understand the importance of always pushing themselves and that is why our class motto is, “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you…”
We enjoy our maths lessons where we are determined to improve our times table automaticity with daily practice; recently, we have found great success with column methods and place value. Mr Eaton will often challenge us with more complex questions, but we always rise to the opportunity (we have even answered past SAT’s questions already).
Writing is a much-loved subject in 5E as we get to write in many different styles following on from studying our class novel. We love to include ambitious vocabulary into our sentences, we call these golden words, which we share and celebrate when used. During writing, we love to read out our sentences and bounce ideas around the room to help each other incorporate the focus grammatical feature. It’s great seeing the children so proud of their work!

Reading is a crucial aspect of Class 5E and we have developed many different reading techniques; we are especially skilled at choral reading but we love it when we get to pair read with our learning partner. Mr Eaton has challenged us to use expression while reading dialogue to help bring out texts to life. We also enjoy our weekly reading theatre where we create actions and perfect a poetry performance. Mr Beale is a keen judge of our talents.

We are enthusiastic scientists in 5E and relish any opportunity to work scientifically – Mr Eaton is a chemist and loves to show us how to work like real scientists! In art, we let our creativity flow practising working in a range of different mediums from charcoal pencils to oil pastels. We agree that our ‘art walk’ around the class at the end of the lesson is the best part because we get to celebrate the positive aspects of everyone’s work.
In games and PE, we are incredibly lucky to have Mr Gibbings teach our lessons and share with us his amazing skills and knowledge. 5E has many emerging gymnasts and skilled netball players, as well as a range of children who represent the school’s many sports teams – we are looking forward to the successes coming our way this year.

Positivity and celebrating success are at the heart of our class and the end of day routine is a part of the day that everyone looks forward to; we share our positive moments from the day as well as Mr Eaton choosing his star and effort awards – he always tells us it’s difficult to choose as we’ve all been stars!

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