Class 5-6M

Welcome to Class 5-6M. Our class teacher is Miss McFord and our class teaching assistant is Mrs Power. Our classroom is a welcoming and stimulating environment which certainly ensures all of us feel secure, valued and respected. We know this reflects the school’s ethos and values and encourages us all to become keen, independent and resilient learners. Miss McFord tells us that she is very impressed with the accuracy of our writing and the way we construct our sentences when writing stories, poems or accounts. Our maths is good too and we are becoming faster and faster at both basic calculations and instantly recalling all our multiplication tables. In our class we are encouraged to be curious and we are constantly challenged to work to our full potential. Our lessons are knowledge-rich and we follow an innovative curriculum which excites and engages all of us. Our teachers support our social, emotional and academic development and we know they are proud to see each of us grow and achieve our very best. We always remain excited for the new adventures and learning experiences ahead! Our class motto is ‘kindness is the greatest wisdom’. Mr Beale says, ‘Class 5-6M are a very together class. They are keen to achieve and are incredibly kind to each other. They really look after one another.’

The photographs below show some of the exhilarating activities they’ve been working on together.