Class 5-6B

Welcome to Class 5-6B. Our class teacher is Mr Barrett and our classroom, teaching assistant is Mrs Rimmer. Our classroom is a hygge-inspired and passionate learning environment, which certainly encapsulates a sense of security, being valued and being respected. We know this reflects the school’s ethos and values and encourages us to bring out the best in ourselves. Mr Barrett and Mrs Rimmer are already incredibly impressed with our use of learning powers – especially our creativity and ability to concentrate. They say that we show great flair in our writing and that we are remarkably accurate in our mathematical calculations. In the foundation subjects, we are showing a deep curiosity about the world around us and a strong desire to understand people, emotions and our responsibilities within our communities. In our class we are encouraged to pursue our curiosities and constantly challenge ourselves to work to our full potential. Our lessons are knowledge-rich and we follow an innovative curriculum, which excites and engages all of us. It helps us open our minds and eyes to the wider world allowing us to dream big and aim high. Our teachers support our social, emotional and academic development and we know they are proud to see each of us grow and achieve our very best. As we write this in September, we are excited about the year ahead! We have so much to learn, so much to achieve and we are so thrilled to be on our upper junior journey.
Our class motto is, Anything is possible. Anything can be.