Class 4J

Hello from Class 4J. We are the class hidden around the corner next to the library. We are lucky enough to have two teachers, Mrs Postlethwaite on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Sanchez on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Parkinson, who is very artistic and brings great creative flair to our environment.
We are very good at maths in Class 4J and particularly accurate when reciting our multiplication tables, which we know we have to have mastered for the national tests in June 2023.
We produce some very imaginative writing and challenge ourselves each time we write. Mrs Postlethwaite loves history and gets very excited when she is teaching us about the past.
Mrs Sanchez enjoys leading mindfulness activities, which helps to create a positive and peaceful atmosphere. We are fortunate to have a view of the beautiful woodland area from our window, which we like to incorporate into our mindfulness activities.
We are a class of bucket fillers and understand the importance of showing respect, kindness and empathy towards all class members. We are developing our skills at identifying our emotions and feelings, linked to the Zones of Regulation. We have good understanding of feelings within each zone.
We are looking forward to learning and rehearsing songs and dance moves in preparation for our performance at the Young Voices concert, the largest children’s choir in the United Kingdom.
The class motto is, never say ‘I can’t.’ Always say ‘I’ll try!’