Class 4J

Hello from Class 4J. We are the class hidden around the corner next to the library. We have a rather nice blue carpet right across the floor in our room. We are lucky enough to have two teachers, Miss Cruse on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Sanchez on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our class teaching assistant is Ms Fox. Lots of our class are quite early into school so we are pleased we can use the Early Morning Club and come into our classroom at 8am. When we get to class there are lots of things for us to do including puzzles and colouring but at 09.30 we have to start our work which means we can read, complete corrections or practise aspects of our previous learning. We are very good at maths in Class 4J and particularly good at reciting our multiplication tables which we know we have to be good at for the national tests in June 2022. We produce some very good writing too. Mrs Sanchez loves history and gets very excited when she is teaching us about the past. We are really looking forward to learning more about the Vikings this year.

Mr Beale says, ‘Sometimes I stand around the corner by the library and listen to Class 4J. They are very articulate and always give carefully thought-out answers to some very probing questions.’

The class motto is, never say ‘I can’t.’ Always say ‘I’ll try!’

The photographs below show some of the invigorating activities they’ve been working on together.