Class 4C

There are 27 of us in Class 4C and Mr Cooke is our teacher. The teaching assistants are Mrs Wood and Miss Sumner.
We are all working very hard to memorise our multiplication tables, as we know we have a national test to sit next summer. We are confident we will do well as we all work together to challenge each other and many of us are already great at instant recall and completing speed challenges.
We all enjoy reading, particularly choral reading, and this is often the most popular early morning activity in our class. We have a very full library and a great range of books to read.
Mr Cooke loves Spanish, so we answer the register using Spanish vocabulary. We will be learning how to introduce ourselves and greet people we meet.
In Geography, we are learning about different countries in Europe, using atlases, maps and globes to locate them. Soon we will be using digimaps. It is great to visit a variety of places around the world using Google Earth from the comfort of our classroom.
We are looking forward to learning and rehearsing songs and dance moves in preparation for our performance at the Young Voices concert, the largest children’s choir in the United Kingdom.
In Class 4C, we are resilient, enthusiastic, and considerate. We aim to leave school each day with a smile after sharing three positive things that have had an impact on us.
Our motto is, nothing is impossible; the word itself says, “I’m possible.”