Class 4C

There are only 22 of us in Class 4C and Mr Cooke, our teacher, says it’s the smallest number of pupils in any class in the school. It makes for a very quiet learning environment which we certainly enjoy. The teaching assistant in our class is Mrs Holloway, who is an excellent artist and often joins in with the many art activities we take part in. We are all working very hard to memorise our multiplication tables as we know we’ve got a national test to sit next Summer. We think we’ll do well as we all work together well to challenge each other and many of us are already great at instant recall and completing speed challenges. We all enjoy reading and this is often the most popular early morning activity in our class. We have a very full library and a great range of books to choose from. Mr Cooke loves geography so we are particularly good at finding different places around the world on maps or in atlases. We can name most of the capital cities dotted around the world. We certainly enjoy our computing studies and some of us are fast becoming coding experts. Mr Beale says ‘class 4C are very hard workers. I really like reading their sentences. They enjoy their reading lessons and I am impressed with their book knowledge. They know all about plots and characters.’ Our motto is, nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible.”

The photographs below show some of the invigorating activities they’ve been working on together.