Class 3M

We have a lot of fun learning in Class 3M and always look forward to a challenge. Our class teacher is Mr Maddocks and our teaching assistants are Mrs Roberts and Mrs Crompton.
Mr Maddocks says we are very good in our Mathematics lessons and are making very fast progress with the mastery approach. We think that is because all our lessons are very practical and we can use lots of equipment to help us. Lots of us say Maths is our favourite subject. We also like reading and writing, and we are always very excited to learn which books we are going to be studying as our class novels.
We look forward to our PE and Games lessons where we practise and apply skills in team games. So far, we have played many invasion games.
We love using our Art journals; these allow us to experiment with different mediums and artistic techniques, as well as expressing our creativity, before producing our final works of art.
We enjoy working scientifically and use Developing Experts to build our skills in scientific enquiry. During this year, we will learn about the digestive system, teeth, states of matter and electricity.
In Class 3M we are inquisitive, curious, and co-operative and we strive to treat everyone how we would like to be treated. The atmosphere in our classroom is always positive as we are resilient and work hard both individually and in a group.
Our class motto is “Learning is not a destination, it’s a journey”.