Class 3D

Welcome to Class 3D!

We really enjoy our learning in Class 3D. Our teacher is Mrs Dougherty and our teaching assistant is Mrs Murray. We all work very hard, whatever the lesson and listen extremely carefully to each other and our teacher. All of the class love reading. We like to read our own reading books but we also like to listen to the adults in the class read to us. We are very pleased that all of our English lessons are based on class novels and our teacher has chosen a wide range of books, written in quite different styles for us to study. We are working very hard to learn our multiplication tables in mathematics and really enjoy practising for speed of response on our computers. Some of us are incredibly fast. History lessons are very popular in our class and so far our lessons on the stone-age have been most popular. We really enjoyed learning about cave paintings and then trying to produce our own cave paintings.

In our class, we support each other; approach challenges with enthusiasm and show one another kindness, so that everyone can achieve their individual goals. Our classroom environment is one of positivity and resilience and we embrace every opportunity to grow our knowledge and improve.

Our class motto is “Read. Dream. Achieve!”

Mr Beale says, ‘Class 3D certainly do love reading. Often in reading lessons I can creep into the classroom without being noticed and I’m not really a quiet headteacher – that shows how much they concentrate in such lessons.’

The photographs below show some of the thrilling activities they’ve been working on together.