Class 3-4T

Welcome to Class 3-4T. Our class teacher is Mrs Trussell and our teaching assistant is Mrs Johnson.
In class, we aspire to do the best that we can all of the time. We listen carefully to our teacher and classmates and respect other people’s views and opinions. Learning in our class is fun and we embrace all opportunities. We have a positive attitude towards our work and enjoy learning new things. We promote a kind, supportive environment so every member of our class feels part of our school family and reaches their full potential.
We enjoy all the school subjects but we particularly enjoy Writing, Geography and History. In History, we are looking forward to completing a study in which we find out about how industry in Skelmersdale has changed in the local area over the years. We will be looking at buildings near school and investigating how they have changed over the years.
In Geography, we are learning about different countries in Europe, using atlases and map-reading skills to locate them. We will also be investigating how rivers and mountains form.
We will be broadening our knowledge and understanding of multiple faiths and beliefs, through the study of several religions and comparing them to the views and beliefs of Humanists.
We love acquiring new vocabulary and the challenge of learning a new word every day. It is such a great feeling to be able to use sophisticated and interesting vocabulary in our writing.
Our Class Motto: It is okay not to know, but it is not okay not to try!