Class 2M

Hello and welcome to 2M’s class page. On this page we will keep you up to date with photos and information about the fabulous activities we are doing in school. In class 2M we know how to use our learning powers so we can do our very best. We can:

concentrate, like Emily the elephant

co-operate, like Sadie the squirrel

check our work like the two monkeys, Martin and Marvin

ask questions, like Kelly the Koala

and if we make a mistake, we don’t worry, we just give it another go like Albert the armadillo!

If we do need help, Mrs MacDonald and Miss Mcloughlin are always at hand to help point us in the right direction. We’re a great team and always excited to learn! We like all of our lessons particularly maths where we use lots of equipment to help our understanding and English where we learn even more phonics, letter formation and how to write the most amazing stories and poems. Mrs MacDonald says we are great bucket fillers as we always know what to say to each other if someone needs help or a little bit of encouragement. Mr Beale says ‘I always sense great learning energy in Class 2M. All the children are so keen to join in each lesson positively. They love answering questions and have wonderfully imaginative ideas.’

The photographs below show some of the thrilling activities they’ve been working on together.