Class 2C

Class 2C is an inspiring place to learn. The class teacher is Mrs Ball and our teaching assistant is Mrs Sephton. In 2C we are friendly and kind to each other and we love learning new things. We especially love maths where we use lots of different equipment to help with our learning and we try really hard with learning our phonics so we can become fluent readers. We love books and we are all incredibly quiet at story time when we get to listen to so many different books. We love picture books and sometimes Mrs Ball uses the visualiser so we can see all the text and the pictures too. In class 2C we work very hard at writing longer and more interesting sentences. We work very hard to make sure all our sentences start in a different way.

We absolutely love using our learning powers to help us become more positive with ourselves and our work. If you came into our classroom you would notice that we can all concentrate well like Emily the Elephant, that we are all prepared to have a go like Albert the Armadillo and that we co-operate nearly as well as Sadie the Squirrel. We are very fit and healthy thanks to our PE lessons with Mr Gibbings and we really look forward to how hard he makes us work in gymnastics. Our motto is ‘mistakes are proof you are learning.’ Mr Beale says ‘2C are a very determined class. They work very quietly and are always absolutely delighted to share their work with me.’

The photographs below show some of the invigorating activities they’ve been working on together.