Class 1R

Class 1R is a great place to learn and is full of happy smiling faces. All the pupils are warmly welcomed each day, by the class teacher Miss Ryan. Teaching assistants, Mrs Gregory, Miss Riley and Mrs Woodcock, ably assist her in providing exhilarating learning experiences. The children enjoy reading to Mrs Gregory and it is great to see their confidence growing! Currently there are 24 wonderful children in class, all incredibly eager to learn. They love to cheer on their classmates for their achievements; they are amazing at bucket filling and show great care for one another. The children demonstrate an outstanding ability to use their learning powers during lessons and can identify which power they need to use. They actively participate in group discussions and can show the importance of showing respect to one another.
The children love learning new skills using a computer and look forward to our lesson every Thursday! They enjoy learning and discovering things about the world in geography and science and cannot wait to start experiments each week. They are a very active class too and always take part with determination and enthusiasm in our P.E. and games lessons. The children have great fun exploring different ways to travel and balance using their bodies. At the end of the day, the class love to listen to the next part of our novel and have fantastic imaginations when predicting what will happen next. This ability definitely shows in their story writing too!