Class 1C

Class 1C is an exciting place to learn. If you came into our classroom you would notice 24 wonderful children and two and sometimes three adults. Miss Carradice is our class teacher and we are lucky to have Mrs Curry & Mrs Fletcher to help us too.  We are a very kind class and are always filling each other’s buckets. We love using our learning powers in our fun and exciting lessons. We spend a lot of time learning how to read. We look at books, listen to stories and memorise all our phonics. The teachers are great at showing us the best way to learn and in mathematics we get to use lots of equipment which really helps us master some difficult ideas. We always love our history and geography topics where we learn about The Great Fire of London, Queen Victoria and important places around the world. Miss Carradice says it’s essential we learn how to hold our pencil correctly and that we understand how to form each letter properly. We all love our PE and games lessons with our very special sports teachers. Mr Beale says ‘1C are a great class. They listen carefully to their teacher and are learning fast. They are very kind to each other too.’

The photographs below show some of the thrilling activities they’ve been working on together.