Class 1C

Our class is an exciting place to learn. If you came into our classroom you would notice 26 wonderful children and two, sometimes three adults. Miss Carradice is our class teacher and we are lucky to have Mrs Curry & Mrs Fletcher to help us too.  We are a very kind class and are always filling each other’s buckets. Quite often, Miss Carradice’s bucket is over flowing due to the kindness we show and amazing work we produce. We love using our learning powers in our fun and exciting lessons. We already have lots of Emily the elephants and Albert armadillos!  We are fantastic at recognising our Zones of Regulation and explaining why we are feeling the way we are.

We LOVE our daily phonics lessons especially our phonological awareness activities in which we really listen carefully to sounds, rhymes and songs.  We spend a lot of time learning how to read and our phonics really helps us with this.  We can blend sounds together to read with accuracy.  Guided reading is great fun, we get to practise choral reading and turn taking.  We try really hard to use our presenter voices too.

The teachers are great at showing us the best way to learn and in mathematics we get to use lots of equipment which really helps us master some difficult ideas.

We love our history, geography and science topics and using Purple Mash in our computing lessons.  Our computer skills have really improved.  We really enjoy our weekly PE and games lessons too.