Art & Craft

At Holland Moor School we are passionate about Art. From the moment they enter school our children are encouraged to roll up their sleeves, get messy and enjoy the opportunities that this wonderful subject provides. The walls of our school are filled with beautiful work from children in all of our key stages. We value art just as much as the other curriculum areas and recognise that it can help children in all areas of their learning.

We teach our children a range of techniques and processes using line, colour, texture and form. These skills are technical but they also develop skills of seeing and expressing.  Art activities also help to develop both children’s motor skills and visual spatial awareness. We recognise that our children need to learn more about the world than just text and numbers and we provide the children with opportunities that allow them to interpret information and develop their own ideas.

More importantly we recognise that children feel a great sense of satisfaction and self-esteem when they create something individual. There is no right or wrong in art – it is personal and it allows our children to make their own decisions and be independent.